Millions of websites and lakhs of web developers. It is really not possible for anyone to arrive at a specific number how many websites are developed on a daily basis and how many are being hosted. When it comes to web developing, there are certain key things that are required. Here are some of the qualities and knowledge that a web developer should have


Just 4+3 words might sound a bit simple. But there is a lot that goes into learning HTML and CSS, Mastery over these two is something that most of the web developers would long for. The HTML 5 and CSS 3 definitely needs a special mention here, as they are the hot ones at the present moment.


A full stack Javascript in your resume is one thing that will make it stand out from the rest. One among the hot things right now and which will not fade away any time in the near future. Day by day the importance of this language is increasing at a very steady rate. By learning this one will definitely find web developing comparatively easier.

Product Management

Web developing is definitely a key skill. But this is definitely not enough. Having a deep understanding of the product also should be taken into account. Even the simplest things make a huge difference when it comes developing a new website. For example, a simple business decision whether to opt for a checkbox or a radio button. So developers need to have more understanding of the product to better results.


Python, PHP, Java and etc. have many frameworks designated to make the web development pleasant task. Choose one and try to mastery on it. Make sure to explore deep into it and try and many features as possible to have a deeper understanding of the frameworks and gaining mastery over it in the long run


Git is basically a vision control that actually monitors the changes that are happening in the file. In the current scenario, it has managed to the top priority for collaboration, storing of records and incorporation of the deployment process. Git is now never luxury when it comes to web development it is mandatory.



Test-driven web behavior and behavior driven development. It is very much evident the lack of knowledge, when it comes to web development will definitely cost your job. Cultivating the process of writing the specifications and test before writing the programs will give a huge advantage over your product.


JSON stands for Javascript Object Notation. The JSON is the most opted language for automated communication between web services today. Since web development is becoming more service oriented it is necessary for the web developer to know about the APIs and how to develop their own.

Apart from these, there are other non-technical aspects that play a major role. Understanding the audience and developing a product that is very user-friendly and making it accessible from them to use