Mashon Tech for Education

Mashon Tech has extended and refined its widely acclaimed creative platform to create an educational technology platform which allows students to strengthen writing, reading and visual communication, develop 21st century skills and adapt to project based learning. In addition, the platform enhances teachers’ access to relevant academic content, helps to manage and provide better control on the creation, submission and sharing of lesson plans and student projects. The Mashon Tech Education Platform is a web based, enterprise grade, creative platform delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) and is available to teachers, students, parents and families of students directly from the classroom or from home. The creative applications allow teachers to create interactive and engaging lesson plans or projects based on book, graphic novel and dozens of other templates. This is achieved by combining media (graphics, videos and sounds) packaged with the system or uploaded by the teacher into the secure Mashon Tech Creator system. Each application can be combined with relevant content packs which educators can customize and refine to suit specific projects. For instance, students can create projects featuring historical imagery or characters or themes from their favorite books which once completed, are automatically routed to their teacher (or appointed moderator). Once reviewed, the project can then be made available to parents, shared via email, embedded on school websites or uploaded to school galleries for sharing with classmates or with students from around the world. Mashon Tech is also developing (expected delivery early Q4 2010) a Google Translate integration which will offer translations in up to 10 languages, making the application effective for English language learners. Finally, any of the creations made by children can be turned into physical merchandise (subject to parental approval) thereby allowing Mashon Tech to assist less affluent schools and districts to utilize its platform, while the school continues to generate revenues from the sale of such products. In addition, a generous portion of the proceeds from these products is paid back to the school to provide much needed funding.