What We Do Overview

Our story so far…

MashON is a cutting-edge, merchandising technology company.

By combining web technology, social marketing and on-demand manufacturing techniques, we deliver unique solutions to brand and IP owners across a wide spectrum of industries and demographics.

We are transforming traditional brand merchandising with our consumer products solution.

The Mashon Tech e-commerce applications take clients’ brands and give end users the chance to interact with those brands and create their own personalized merchandise that can be purchased through the MashON platform.

Mashon Tech can maximize the reach of a brand’s web presence, user engagement and time spent on a website. We can also maximize IP and website revenue and revenue from product merchandising and e-commerce.

The Mashon Tech applications look and feel like they are designed as part of the website on which they live, and they can be tailored to meet the brand owner’s wishes. Customization can be achieved quickly and cost effectively.

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We “Personalize, Merchandize and Socialize your Brand” by combining patented technologies with innovative and highly effective product creation, marketing and monetization techniques.