Who We Are

What kind of people work at Mashon Tech?

At first glance you may mistake us for the ensemble cast of a cross country car race movie. Mashon Tech employees come from the four corners of the earth including parts unknown. Our personalities vary but they definitely skew toward nutty. You never know what you’re going to run into while rounding a corner in the office: impromptu cocktail parties, remote controlled helicopters, loaded nerf guns, coffee machine demonstrations, a hot off the press T-Shirt, dance circles, patio BBQs, small children, sing alongs, freshly baked goods, mining helmets, feats of strength, fashion shows… you get the idea.

But don’t let the carefree vibe that our office exudes fool you into thinking that we’re not serious about what we do. You won’t find a more dedicated bunch than the thirty-odd employees here at Mashon Tech. We like to have a good time but our number one priority is Mashon Tech continued success.