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Mashon Tech is first and foremost a web software development company.

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Mashon Tech is positioned at the nexus of web technology, social marketing and on-demand manufacturing techniques.

We develop a web based suite of patented applications which allow people to create anything and everything on a web site. The applications are easy to use, shareable and skinnable so they look like the web site on which they live.

Mashon Tech works with leading web properties and brand owners


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new revenues from product merchandising and e-commerce.

Latest Updates

7 Things Every Modern Web Developer Must Know

Millions of websites and lakhs of web developers. It is really not possible for anyone to arrive at a specific number how many websites are developed on a daily basis and how many are being hosted. When it comes to web developing, there are certain key things that are...

Things to know about the future of web development

We’ve come a long way since the days of Geocities and Anglefire. The one thing that seems to be constant in this world of web development is the change. So what will the future look like? What are the current trends now? What will they be? There’s a lot happening, but here’s a breakdown of some of the bigger things.

If you haven’t heard of Vue or VueJS, you may be already behind in the tech world. Vue launched in 2014 and has grown exponentially in popularity, being taken on by companies like Expedia and Nintendo. While it’s primary growth originated in China, it’s taken off globally and is used by web developers all over the world.

In the common everyday use of Functional Programming (FP), seeing something become more efficient almost in front of your eyes is no longer that big of a surprise. More and more tech gurus are using FP and functional code and creating quite a debate about which is easier. With the latest and greatest in Javascript improvements, it’s o wonder that FP has continued to see growth in use and will do so for many years to come.

With the amount of browsers out there, sometimes it’s important to know who you’re building for. What browser represents your target audience and how long will it take for others to catch on. That trend is finally changing, as the companies themselves are incorporating browser extensions from different browsers into their own. Firefox is using Chrome extensions and Edge extensions are being used on Firefox. The world is becoming a little simpler for web developers everywhere.

Since everyone always has their faces buried deep in their phones, it’s no wonder  Trends that Define the Future of Web Development  is totally depend on how we design websites. Web apps are becoming more progressive and featuring more of the design and feel you get from mobile apps. People are trying to integrate into what you find more familiar and helpful. Restricted homepage content is just one of many facets that are changing this big web idea.


The final and probably most important thing that there is always a consistent focus on is mobile web development. Cell phones are no longer compact. They no longer flip open and closed. Instead of the screen being the feature, the screen is the entire phone. No one uses computers for basic Google searches or internet content, they use their phones. With that in mind, the need for mobile-friendly websites and better navigated home pages has never been needed more. In addition to that, phone screens are increasing in size, forcing developers to consider the placement of their content and how easy it will be to navigate with the thumb or the finger. Mobile web development is clearly the future of an industry that can’t seem to pick the perfect size for its content. Perhaps one day, up in space we can all just have computers in our eyeballs and the web developers on earth will be formatting these same sites again.

New Online Shop

the country’s leading independent manga media company, the world’s largest distributor of physical and digital books and entertainment products, we are proud to announce the launch of the new online store.  The new shop features branded merchandise (such as iPhone and...

Mashon Tech Launches New Customization Platform

Mashon Tech is very excited to unveil the latest version of our customization tool: It uses a cloud based, noSQL architecture and HTML, SVG and Javascript. Our Java stack utilizes GWT, Grails, Groovy, Spring Framework, Batick, JMS and Tomcat while message routing and...

Stand Up 2 Cancer Holiday Donation E-Card Program

As a technology company, Mashon Tech  felt that contributing our e-card platform and commerce technology could deliver value to both Stand up to Cancer and their visitors and contributors. The e-card is instrumental in helping to fight against cancer to raise money...

The Skyline Movie Store Is Now Open!

Mashon Tech is proud to announce our latest partnership with one of the famous studio, It helps making of The Official Movie Store!  The store is filled with official merchandise designed by the Mashon Tech Design Team. Our designers had the chance to visit to one of...

Bring characters to life

It’s time to battle!  The action can be set in a variety of locations throughout the Hidden Kingdom.  Select your characters, choose the location, bring the characters to life with your words, and share the battle with your friends!

E-Card Creator to insult your friends

Mashon Tech and have partnered and now insulting your friends is easier than ever! Do you have a friend that needs to be taken down a peg or two? Head on over to and check out the recently launched Insult E-Card Creator! There’s plenty of...

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